My name is Sean and I set up SD Marketing in 2015. I would describe myself as someone who is ambitious, determined, always hungry for a challenge and passionate about trying to improve and hone my skills and experience. I am extremely hard-working and have the capacity to learn quickly.

My love for working with people, flair for design, critical and creative thinking led me to the area of Marketing. I am really passionate about Digital Marketing and have a vast amount of experience in areas such as social media marketing, email marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO and more.

I have a wealth of knowledge within the digital space having worked in an agency in Ireland and the United States.

What people say about Sean:


“What I respect most about (Sean) is that you are very much a team player, open to listening to others opinions and other ways of doing things but also taking initiative and leading the team, just getting on with it and getting the work done to a high level.
Based on this I think roles you would be good at would be digital marketing manager/marketing manager in an SME where you would be leading a small marketing team or else part of a digital marketing team in larger agency or large organisation with a mature, experienced digital marketing team”.

“I would respect many things about you (Sean), including your integrity and your hard work ethic. Oh, and also your organisation and follow-through.

Based on this, I would imagine that you could apply yourself to any line of work and be successful, so it would be a matter of choosing what will make you happy to do, as you will do great at whatever you put effort into.

I think it’s possible that you prefer to rely on yourself when working to a goal or deadline, as you like to get stuck in! Having said that, you are an excellent team member too. Perhaps something in management might be good for you. As you have shown good leadership skills and also diplomacy, while also keeping things moving forward”.

Work colleague:
“You are very eager to learn, since starting your digital marketing course you are using a lot of your own initiative and have great ability to work on your own. I believe the perfect job for you would be a social media management position or consultancy for a small business. If you were a part of a large business I think you’d work well in a large team covering all elements of digital marketing”.

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