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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and service using digital distribution channels. Digital marketing can also be referred to as e-marketing which includes online or digital advertising which delivers marketing messages to customers. Reaching customers using digital media is considered to be the most promising field of development for marketing in the upcoming decade.

Traditional marketing applies technology to the internet. Again when it comes to digital marketing you must consider the customer based on who they are what their needs are and what do they do but to an online basis such as asking yourself where do they go when they need your product/services? They may not be actively searching. In addition what search engines are people using when looking for your business such as Google and Yahoo. This is particularly important. In Ireland Google has 94.82% market share and Yahoo has 1.99%. Therefore, it is clear Irish companies should have their company websites on the Google search engine. One should also look at what social media sites are they using and what websites is also crucial. Once they have then arrived onto your site then how do they behave. What information are they looking for when they get to a certain stage? This is vital. Are the people that visit your site signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, clicking to a page that has large amounts of information? Again this comes back to the company’s objective and what they want visitors to do when they visit their site.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

• Results are far more measurable
• Results and data are available immediately for example with the use of Google Analytics
• Can interact with customers easily with the use of social media channels and you can visibly see the interaction happening
• Can reach your target audience more easily through demographics, age, gender etc
• Cheaper than traditional marketing
• Can be used by any size business
• Greater response

There are a number of stages one must go through when planning a digital marketing campaign which include analysis, development, implementation and control:


Analysis is concerned with looking at where we are now in terms of how we are positioned in the market place and what the digital opportunities are. Companies must conduct a competitor analysis to identify how their competitors are performing within the digital sector. They must also conduct an internal analysis by using a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to identify the company’s skill and knowledge with respect to digital marketing. A TOWS can then be used to identify a strategy the company can take based on the internal and external environment. The target market must be identified along with the objectives and goals the company has in place.


The development could also be known as the production stage. Here the company will have to decide what tools they are going to use such as display ads, mobile, email and social media.


Once the strategy is developed it will then need to be implemented. Companies here will then go live and manage the digital marketing strategy. It is important that the strategy is actively managed to ensure the company stays relevant and content is king.


The company will then be responsible for controlling the strategy. An analysis will have to be conducted to identify what is and what is not working. Whatever is not working will have to be reviewed and changed to ensure it works. Google Analytics will be used to measure what people are doing when they come to the website.

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