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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of delivering engaging, relevant, timely marketing messages about your products and services to a specific group of recipients by means of electronic mail. According to Mc Pheat (2011) email marketing is the process of sending out emails to both current and prospective customers. In other words email marketing is marketing through emails. According to Brooks (2006) Email marketing is one of the most important parts of any marketers plan as it is cost effective and it has the ability to reach a wide range of audiences. One must also know their objectives of running a campaign. For instance is it to generate new customers, generate business or to move the customer along the buying cycle. Email marketing is so appealing because of its time efficiency, it’s cost effectiveness and it is easier to measure and adjust.

Findings from Econsultancy (2014) were that 68% of companies rated email as either being good or excellent for return on investment. In Ireland 80% of marketers describe email as either being important or very important for their overall marketing strategy. Respondents from the research indicated that email was vital for maintaining relationships. Companies use email mainly for building and maintaining relationships, creating awareness and increasing traffic to the website. It is also stated that email marketing is regaining top spot from SEO (Econsultancy, 2014). The greatest challenge for marketers is adapting emails for mobiles. According to emarketer (2014) one of the top mobile activities is checking your email.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing

From each email campaign SD Marketing creates and sends for his clients, I will track and analyse its performance in order to improve the next campaign. As a result it will lead to increased engagement, improved click through rates and most important of all an increase in sales!

As an email marketing consultant, SD Marketing uses the latest email marketing software to ensure at least 99% of all email campaigns get delivered.

SD Marketing can run a host of email marketing campaigns. An Email Marketing Consultant in Clare you can trust!

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