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What is SMS Marketing?

Short message service (SMS) Marketing allows marketers to send messages to consumers through a mobile device and is seen as a method of one-to-one marketing. Text message or SMS Marketing is the mobile version of direct marketing and can be used for instant wins, offering customers stats and data. Text messages can cost within the region of to 3 to 5c depending on the volume of texts. It is also the easiest form of mobile marketing to implement and can easily be integrated into marketing campaigns as you can target your market easily once you have their contact number.  Mobile marketing approval depends on the user’s permission. SMS marketing is very effective as consumers always have their phones on their person. SMS and its usage in marketing brands have received significant attention in the mobile marketing literature. In the 2000’s SMS marketing became well-known and continues to be used by a number of brands.

Benefits of SMS Marketing:

• Low cost
• Open rate average 98%
• Greater response rate
• People prefer to receive ads via SMS

SD Marketing can provide you with SMS marketing campaigns. 98% of people open text messages and that is what makes SMS marketing so effective.

How does SMS Marketing work?

The following are some important points to consider when planning a SMS campaign:

  • Capture customers numbers in-store at competitions or at Point of Sale or competitions
  • Collect mobile numbers via your web site. Many companies capture email addresses for special offers and updates but they fail to collect mobile numbers.
  • Run an information advert where you invite the public to text a keyword to a short code. It is vital that you clearly state the terms and conditions at the Opt-In.
  • Collect customers data at conferences and exhibitions recording the customers details to Opt-in.
  • Invite people to participate in Loyalty SMS schemes to add value to your relationships with your clients.
  • Ask your clients would they like updates,reminders, or product information by SMS.
  • Incorporate Opt in options for future use.

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