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Social Media Marketing ConsultantSD Marketing is a social media consultant that is here to help companies market online via social media. According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010,p.61) “social media is a group of internet based applications that builds on the ideological and technological foundation of Web 2.0 and that allows the creation and exchange of User Generated Content”. Social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook are used to build relationships with family, friends and business associates for professional purposes. As a social media expert, I will help you achieve your goal.

Social media marketing has changed the way companies do business online over the last number of years and as a result social media marketing has formed its niche in the business world to help create brand awareness. As more users connect to the social network, it means the social media is becoming the most popular mode of communication for the internet users. Online social networking is associated with bringing people together on the internet. It is used for creating and managing new and existing relationships. People here will share similar interests and learn about each other by exchanging information. Facebook and other social networking sites are helping to create opportunities for companies to quickly, directly and consistently connect with millions of customers. Facebook has been at the summit of the social network food chain. According to Weinberg (2009), there is a new principle for social media marketing which is known as “Participation Marketing.”

Social media marketing is a must for all digital marketing campaigns. Social media marketing has huge potential to harvest massive rewards for minimal cost once implemented correctly. Therefore companies need a social media consultant and expert to assist them on how to use social media to promote their business.

Social Media Marketing ConsultantAs a social media marketing consultant, SD Marketing will guide you through which type of social media will best compliment your digital media marketing strategy. SD Marketing works with his clients to get to know and understand their businesses inside and out. SD Marketing will formulate a social media strategy that best suits your business. The appropriate social media platforms will then be selected to best deliver this campaign.

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